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No Surrender


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1. Fair Isle Of Ulster (Vocal)
2. Londonderry On The Foyle (Vocal)
3. 18th of December (Flute Medley)
4. Apprentice Boys Of Derry (Vocal)
5. Boys Of Londonderry (Flute Medley) 
6. The Crimson Banner (Vocal)
7. Billy Boys (Flute Band)
8. Derry's Walls (Vocal)
9. Loyal Heart (Flute Medley)
10. Clyde Valley (Vocal)
11. Cock O' The North (Flute Medley)
12. No Surrender! (Vocal)
13. Number One Platoon (Flutes)
14. The Union Cruiser (Vocal)
15. Old Mud Cabin (Flute Medley)
16. Wee Spot In Europe (Vocal)
17. Sweet Boyneside (Flute Medley)
18. The Field's Of Ulster (Vocal)
19. Sash/Green Grassy Slopes (Accordions)
20. No. 1 Platoon (Vocal)
21. Blackman's Dream (Flute Medley)
22. The Lily O' (Vocal)
23. Suicide Battalion (Flute Medley)
24. The Union We'll Maintain (Vocal)
25. Derry Walls (Vocal)

Product Code: CD16

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