The Reformers of the Middle Ages

Fathers of the Reformation

In celebration of Reformation Sunday, here is a short video tribute to those who ignited the Protestant Reformation. The main issue that drove Martin Luther to post his famous 95 theses on Oct. 31 1517 was the practice of selling indulgences (essentially "pay the church, your sin is forgiven"). However, the theological avalanche that followed would flow far and wide through established Church theology and tradition. Man's condition, justification, the priesthood, confession, authority of Scripture -- these areas were all brilliantly reconsidered by the Reformers.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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Martin Luther 1483-1546
John Flavel 1630-1691
John Calvin 1509-1564
John Huss 1369-1414
Ulrich Zwingli 1484-1531
Heinrich Bullinger 1504-1575
Phillip Melanchthon 1497-1560
Jacob Boehme 1575-1624
John Bunyan 1628-1688
George Fox 1624-1691
Richard Hooker 1553-1600
John Wesley 1703-1791
Johannes Bugenhagen 1485-1558
Jakob Andreae 1528-1590
Martin Bucer 1491-1551
Theodore Beza 1519-1605
Martin Chemnitz 1522-1586
Thomas Cranmer 1489-1556
Nicholas Ridley 1500-1555
Hugh Latimer 1485-1555
Francis Turretin 1623-1687
Augustus Toplady 1740-1778
John Newton 1725-1807
Ralph Erskine 1685-1752
John Owen 1616-1683
John Knox 1505-1572
William Tyndale 1494-1536
John Wycliffe 1320-1384

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