The Burning Torch for Protestantism.


Netherfield Road Area, Circa 1913 - 1927 - 1950 - 1967 - 2004

Photographs By Freddy Tornberg , Harry Ainscough & Dave Williams.

Netherfield Road (Atlantic Pub, China Street right) (Everton Brow Flats left) (Ann Fowlers Salvation Army Hostel for Women top middle) Netherfield Road as it is today, this picture was taken on 1st July 2004.
Netherfield Road (Cavour, Mazzini, Garibaldi Heights top left) (The Braddocks behind the bus stop) (Edinburgh Towers to the right) (Corinth Towers behind) This Picture was taken on 1st July 2004.
Netherfield Road (Wall in front of Netherfield Brow flats which adorned many slogans and graffiti. One of the small posters Vote Protestant Boardman
Prince Alfred Pub Junction of Garden Lane. Prince Alfred now named Browside 1st July 2004.
Ann Fowler Memorial Home for Women, Netherfield Road 29 March 1967 A last Resort for women who had nowhere else to go. The site were once stood Ann fowler's, picture taken on 1st July 2004.
A View from St. Georges Hill and from the back of Heyworth St. School, showing the Braddocks to the right, the shops on the road, from right to left were "Moneypenny's", John Barber's, Peter Dunbavin's, Curphey's Radio and the chandlers far left 1967. The same view from St. Georges Hill, showing Rose Vale as it is today, picture taken on 1st July 2004.
View from St. Georges Hill showing Netherfield Brow flats to the left, Garibaldi Heights to the right and in the middle was "The King Eddy pub" 1967 View from St. Georges Hill, Picture taken on 1st July 2004.
Netherfield Road 1950. Netherfield Road 2004.
Netherfield Road North/South Junction. Demolition Sackville Street off Netherfield Rd.
Netherfield Road, July 1913. The "Tuggy" sadly closed when picture was taken on the 1st July 2004.
Demolition Heyworth St. & Netherfield Rd. Anderson Street, bottom half of Conway Street. 1967
Browside 1967. Browside picture taken on 1st July 2004.
Everton Brow, June 1927. 13 July 1967. A panorama of desolation, landing houses are waiting to be cleared and to their right, some of the last surviving prefabs struggle on for a few more years.
Everton Brow, June 1927. Everton Brow 1st July 2004.
Maisonettes in Everton Aerial View of Everton
Maisonettes in Arkright Street area of Everton, looking South from the high rise on Conway Street.

Aerial View of Everton in 1960's

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PART 1 Liverpool - Everton 1965 Unedited Footage PART 2 Liverpool - Everton 1965 Unedited Footage
Our Old Liverpool Morning In The Streets
Andy Caps/Stingo New Georgan building
Andy Caps/Stingo Pub Corner of Robsart Street/Netherfield Road
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